Friday, April 15, 2011

Time to buy your discounted pass to Steamboat Ski Resort

Finding a discounted lift ticket to Steamboat Ski Resort is hard to find mainly due to the fact that Steamboat rarely issues them. Buying lift tickets when booking lodgings really is the best way to get cheaper lift tickets.

Since Steamboat is so far from the Front Range ski market competition, it does not follow the deeply discounted ski pass trend found there. It does not sell lift tickets in any Colorado grocery store or other retail outlet.

Those planning on a six day stay at Steamboat are best advised to purchase the Rocky Mountain Super Pass Plus when it goes on sale in mid-April. During the following 2-3 week period, the Super Pass Plus can usually be purchased at the price of the Rocky Mountain Super Pass. After 3 weeks, the price of the pass rises.

The Rocky Mountain Super Pass Plus, the Rocky Mountain Super Pass, and limited-time special passes to Steamboat and Winter Park Resort can be renewed at The Rocky Mountain Super Pass offers unlimited skiing at Copper Mountain Resort and Winter Park Resort. The Super Pass Plus offers six unrestricted days at Steamboat.

Those waiting until ski season to purchase lift tickets can expect to pay a premium for lift tickets to Steamboat. There are a few exceptions. The exceptions are found during non-peak season and non-holiday periods.

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