Saturday, August 27, 2011

It's Labor Day Weekend - The traditional time to buy or renew your Colorado ski season pass

Labor Day Weekend is when Colorado ski resorts put the big push on to sell season passes for the upcoming ski season. Nothing has changed for the 2011-12 ski season.

Powder Daze has already started and the sale of Colorado Ski Country USA Gems Cards started August 17th. The real madness begins Labor Day Weekend.

Ski passes, 4-packs, and 4 passes will all be on sale. They will be offered at the best prices for the next 2 weeks and then the prices generally start to rise. Some products are no longer offered for sale after October - especially the 4 passes to Copper Mountain and Winter Park.

There are new products from Vail Resorts with the standard lineup. The Colorado Pass has been dumped and is now the Epic Local's Pass. I think you can buy it online too. It's heavily blacked out during holiday periods so don't buy it if you plan to use it during a national holiday.

Anyway, Sniagrab, Powder Daze, and Ski Rex all start Labor Day Weekend. If you are going to Taste of Colorado in downtown Denver, just walk down to Sniagrab.

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