Tuesday, January 10, 2012

2011-12 Echo Mountain Season Pass still for sale in January 2012

Echo Mountain is making a name for itself as the closest ski area to Denver. What's even more attractive is the season pass is still only $279 in January 2012.

The Echo Mountain Season Pass includes 3 free days at Sunlight Mountain near Glenwood Springs and 3 free days at Ski Cooper near Leadville.

So far, they've had a record season teaching beginner skiers and snowboarders coming from Denver. The Lesson 6 Pack for $230 is hard to pass up and can be purchased online.

Echo Mountain also offers night skiing and snowboarding after 4 pm for $35. Demo Days by manufacturers are not to be missed. Check their online Event Schedule Calendar for upcoming demos.

More information about Echo Mountain can be found at http://www.echomtnpark.com/

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