Friday, March 30, 2012

Grocery stores in Colorado with ski lift tickets

Oh, the perennial burning question - What Colorado grocery stores sell ski lift tickets?  Nothing has changed lately - still the usual suspects in 2012.

The Colorado chain grocery stores that sell lift tickets are King Soopers/City Market, Safeway, and Albertson's.  Costco also sells lift tickets but I believe they only sell tickets to Eldora Mountain Resort.

There may be other small mountain town grocery stores that sell them.  I know there is a store off Interstate 70 in Dumont/Downieville/Lawson that sells discount lift tickets.  Just look for the big sign that reads 'FUEL'.

Before heading off to the store to purchase them, call ahead to make sure that store actually has the hard copy lift tickets in stock.  They don't print them out at the store - they keep limited quatities of tickets in a folder at the Service Desk.  The Service Desk isn't open 24/7 either.

Other Front Range non-grocery store options can be Christy Sports, REI, and a few other joints.  Call and make sure a particular location is selling the desired tickets.

Lift ticket prices fluctuate throughout the ski season at the grocery store.  They'll be more expensive during high demand times and cheaper during low peak times.  You'll need to call the store if you want to know the exact price for a specific date.

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