Tuesday, May 29, 2012

2012 -2013 A-Basin 4 Packs available for purchase starting Labor Day Weekend

The A-Basin 4 Pack of discount ski lift tickets is only available for purchase for a limited time.  Miss the sales period and you'll probably have to buy one of their 3 Passes for a slightly higher price.

The 2012 -2013 A-Basin 4 Pack goes on sale starting Labor Day Weekend at SNIAGRAB.  Check the Denver Post for times, prices, and any special deals.

The price for this coming ski season's Arapahoe Basin Four Pack of lift tickets has not yet been set.  I'm sure it will be very reasonable.  Last ski season they were $139.

What is an Arapahoe Basin 4 Pack?

"A 4 pack is 4 fully transferable ski lift tickets valid any day of the season. A 4 pack can be used on 4 different days or all 4 can be used on one day, they can be shared with family and friends and gives you direct to lift access. 4 packs are only sold at ski shows."

A-Basin does offer different packs of tickets throughout the ski season.  They are a better than the window rate but not as good as the 4 Pack price.  Blackout days may apply.

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