Thursday, May 17, 2012

Friends and Family discount lift tickets

Many people forget that their ski season pass probably has friends and family or buddy discount lift tickets loaded onto it.   As most offer significant savings, what a shame!

Check the website of your pass or call the season pass office of the ski resort you have a season pass at to find out if they have discount friends ski lift tickets.  If you've used a few, they may even be able to tell you your current balance.

Friends and family lift tickets really come in handy during the holidays if it's not a blackout period for your pass.  Some passes will allow you to purchase discounted blackout period tickets.

If you are still shopping for a ski season pass for the 2012 - 2013 ski season and the option of buying tickets for friends and family is important, figure out who will give you the best deal.  Some offer more tickets than others.

Full season passes are not the only passes that offer friends and family discount lift tickets in Colorado.  Many picture four passes offer discount friends and family lift tickets too.  A few ski resorts allow reloading of four passes too!

Friends and family lift tickets can really save money on a group ski vacation.  Don't forget about them.

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