Thursday, May 24, 2012

Is that used ski pass transferable or non-transferable

Ski season passes come in two types - fully transferable and non-transferable.  Fully transferable passes can be used by other people.  Non-transferable passes cannot be used by other skiers, snowboarders, and skibikers.

Before buying or letting others use your pass, check the terms and conditions of the pass.  For the most part, ski passes with your picture on it are non-transferable.  That means you can't sell it or let others use it.

Daily lift tickets that have already been used by someone else are non-transferable.  If you are through skiing or snowboarding for the day, don't give your lift ticket pass to someone begging for it in the parking lot.  If they are caught and it is linked to your credit card - the ski resort will know who to call.

The consequences in Colorado for using someone else's non-transferrable ski season pass or used lift ticket are fairly high.  It's called 'theft of services' and is taken very seriously.  The legal fine is $500 - $999 and some jail time.  The ski resort can institute its own fines too.  A great blog post on the subject.

Many ski resorts will ban those caught using someone else's pass for life.  Others may ban them for a few years.  They all will make you pay the full high season rate for a ski pass for that season and the first season you try to buy a ski pass afterwards.

Say if you got caught using someone else's Epic Pass.  You'll be paying Vail Resort's somewhere around $1200.00 - $1800.00 for the pass you used.  You'll then be paying around $1200.00 the next time you try to buy an Epic Pass.  They have an extensive database - there's nowhere to hide.  I've seen it happen on the TGR Forum.

Think you won't get caught using someone else's ski pass?  Think again.  Scanner technology has improved in recent years.  They display a nice big picture of the passholder along with height, weight, and age.  The liftie cares too.  He gets a $75 reward for every lift ticket scammer they catch.  A starving liftie is always on the lookout for ski pass scammers.

Think Craigslist is a great place to pick up a used ski pass?  Wrong again.  Ski resorts have monitored Craigslist for years.   They even conduct sting operations.  Just don't do it in Colorado.  Lift ticket revenue is a major source of income for ski resorts.

Many ski resorts in Colorado now have discount season passes for sale during the off-season.  Take advantage of them.

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