Sunday, May 20, 2012

The most expensive times to ski in Colorado

If one is looking for an inexpensive or cheaper time to save money on a ski vacation to Colorado, the best advice is to avoid the holiday periods and spring break.  Holidays in the USA include Thanksgiving, Christmas, Martin Luther King Weekend, President's Weekend, and Spring Break in March.

Colorado ski resorts know their busy periods from data going back decades.  They know their market and price accordingly.  During holiday periods you'll pay more for lodging, lift tickets, and airfare.  If you bought a season pass or discount lift tickets to save money, make sure they aren't blacked out for these periods.

Snow conditions are not always fantastic during these periods either.  Thanksgiving and Christmas are very early season so limited terrain may be open and snowfall less than optimal.  There are ski seasons when the snow comes early and keeps dumping throughout the season.

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