Sunday, November 11, 2012

Time to start posting Colorado ski deals and news

Summer was long, hot, dry, and smokey in Colorado for 2012.  It's now firmly in the rearview mirror and snow is falling steadily in Colorado's high country.   I started a new business so there hasn't been much time for blog posts the past few months.

All the standard Colorado ski deals are now in full swing.  Prices will start increasing for 2012-13 ski passes in the next few days.   Take advantage of them before they completely disappear.

I went to the Colorado Ski Expo in Denver last weekend and learned about some new ski bargains from the various ski resorts for the 2012-2013 ski season.  I'll be writing about them over the next few days.

One major change is taking place in the Colorado ski industry.   Skibiking is now legal at most major Colorado ski resorts with the 2012-13 ski season.  Steamboat Ski Resort and Vail Resorts are now allowing both skibobs and peg skibikes.  Restrictions apply so call ahead before booking your trip.

If you need to earn your skibike license,  Winter Park Resort offers lessons and issues licenses/certification for both skibobs and peg skibikes.  Licenses are required before equipment can be rented, permitted to board the chairlift, or riding on the ski slopes.

Let's hope this ski season is better than last season.   Things are already looking great in Winter Park.  A planned outdoor bbq had to be moved inside on Saturday due to heavy snowfall.

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