Saturday, December 22, 2012

Cheapest Breckenridge lift tickets

by G. Kunkel

Due to its popularity, cheap discount lift tickets to Breckenridge are pretty impossible to find.  With some pre ski season planning one can find some less expensive lift tickets.

Epic Pass

Those planning to stay several weeks should get a season pass.  They can be purchased online April through mid-November at the Vail Resorts website  at   Anyone can buy them online.

Friends and Family lift tickets

Find an Epic Passholder and get them to buy a lift ticket for you.  Expect to pay a premium above the cost of the lift ticket.

Vail Resorts employees

Employees get a few 50% lift ticket coupons.  Expect them to save them for friends though.  They'll get fired if they get caught selling them to tourists.

King Soopers

Everyone knows about this deal.  You'll save about $9 off a window rate lift ticket

Your lodging

If you tell them seven days in advance they can purchase the discount lift tickets for you from Vail Resorts.

Purchased online seven days in advance, one is guaranteed the best lift ticket rate.

Places not to purchase them.

It's illegal to use or buy someone else's Epic Pass.  It's called 'theft of services'.  There's a big ($$$$) fine and some jail time involved.  Lifties get rewarded $$ for finding people who do this.  They don't need to see the pass - the scanning software brings up a nice big picture of the passholder.

Buying clipped tickets in the parking lot is illegal too.  Just saying.

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