Sunday, January 13, 2013

2013 Winter Park Resort $20 Full Day lesson discount

Winter Park Resort Ski + Ride School is now handing out a coupon good for any full day lesson product held Monday - Friday in the month of February.   The coupon is valid for any full day adult, kid, or private lesson.  Ski or snowboard lesson.

The offer is only valid February 1 - 28th.  It is not valid on Saturdays or Sundays.  Blackout day is Monday February 18, 2013.

The discount lesson coupon must be presented when redeeming and cannot be combined with any other offer.

The coupon is only being distributed in the month of January.  It will not be distributed in February.  The coupon can only be obtained from Winter Park Ski + Ride School staff.  Ask for one from anyone wearing an instructor jacket this month.

If you really need a coupon and can't make it to the resort in January, post up here.   For a dollar to cover postage, envelope, and time, I'll mail you one.  USA addresses only.

Remember to tip your instructor if you have a great lesson experience.  As it is a service position, they work for tips.

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Tony Leo said...
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Colorado Enigma said...
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Colorado Enigma said...

Tony, I'm posting a edited version of your post so your private information i is removed.

Interested in getting the coupon. Live in GA but have a trip planned to Winter Park Feb xxxx. My son (7) will be taking a full-day lesson. Address is xxxxxx. How do you suggest I get you the $1?

Colorado Enigma said...

You can use PayPal to m13k07 (at) gmail (dot)com. I'll get it in the mail today.

Tony Leo said...

Perfect. Thanks!

Colorado Enigma said...

Mailman just picked it up. You should have it within 4 days or so. Let me know if it doesn't show up.