Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Are 2013 2014 Breckenridge lift tickets sold in Costco?

by G. Kunkel

Costco sells a variety of discounted ski lift tickets in their stores.  Not so for Colorado.  Only second tier non-destination ski areas sell their tickets via this outlet.

Breckenridge Ski Resort, owned by Vail Resorts, does not sell nor has ever sold their bargain ski passes in Costco stores.

Vail Resorts does offer a number of physical outlets to buy individual tickets but they don't offer much of a deal.  The most popular are King Soopers/City Market and Safeway.

Colorado locals save money on Breck lift tickets by purchasing season passes during the off-season.  These include the Epic Local Pass, Epic Pass, Epic Local College Pass, or Summit Value Pass.

One does not need to be a Colorado resident to purchase one or even be in the Centennial State.  They can be bought online during the pass sales period.  Read; little to no-snow on the ground in Colorado.  If you are sweating in front of a computer in the Northern Hemisphere with a credit card - you're golden!

Breckenridge (Vail Resorts) does not sell a four pass or four pack of lift tickets either.  You'll need to buy another product.

If you are dead set on buying individual Breck tickets, buy them on the Vail website at  You'll get the guaranteed best price and they'll be waiting for you at the ticket window.  Nothing to get lost.

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