Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Buy a Vail Resorts season pass and contribute to Colorado Flood Disaster Relief

by G. Kunkel

Thank you Vail Resorts for contributing to the 2013 Colorado Flood disaster relief efforts.  From first hand experience, the events of the past week were rather stressful.  While my house didn't flood, plenty of friends houses over in Boulder and Longmont did.

Vail Resorts announced today that it will make an immediate $100,000 donation to Colorado Red Cross Disaster Relief.  In addition, for every season pass sold in Colorado, they will donate a $1 to this fund.

The money will be used to provide food and shelter directly to those affected by the flooding in Colorado.  With over 17,000 houses damaged and 1,700 destroyed, we need the help across the state.

To find out more visit Epic Flood Relief here.

I'd also like to thank members of the Colorado National Guard and the units down at Fort Carson for searching for and rescuing my neighbors.  Things instantly got better on Saturday when I spotted a Chinook helicopter flying from the south over to Boulder from my backyard.  Kinda like the Forest Service slurry bombers flying overhead last summer from Jeffco Airport.

If you'd like to find out how you can help, visit One can find what items are needed now and the reputable agencies providing Colorado Flood Relief.

A flooded Coal Creek a quarter mile south of my house.  This was taken on Saturday when the water had receded by around 2/3.  The creek is normally about 6 inches deep and about 5 feet across.  It's taken over the Public Road trailhead parking lot in this picture.

A very lucky Coal Creek Village

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