Tuesday, February 11, 2014

2014 Steamboat April Ski Passes on sale

by G. Kunkel

April is the secret ski season in Colorado.  East Coast skiers think the ski season is over or the snow is no good since the season is over in their state.

As a result, Coloradoans get to enjoy deep untracked fresh powder all to themselves.  And this winter is a four wire season in Steamboat.  That is if your ranch uses four strands of barbed wire on its fences.   One can just ski right over the fence right now.

One can purchase one of two April passes for Steamboat right now.  Buy now and save later.  They are selling limited quantities of these ski passes.

 2014 Springalicious Pass

One can get any three days of skiing, snowboarding, or skibiking at Steamboat for $99.  Valid April 1-13, 2014.   Limit one pass per person.  It's non-transferable and non-refundable.  It can be purchased online or by phone.

2014 Double Dip Pass

Get unlimited unrestricted days in April at Steamboat and Winter Park.  Ski at Steamboat till it closes on April 13 and then spend the rest of the season at Winter Park.  Winter Park's high altitude keeps the snow fresh even after the resort closes on April 20.  The pass must be purchased 48 hours in advance. Cost is only $159 and can be purchased online.

Find out more at the the Steamboat website.

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