Sunday, February 9, 2014

Need the price of a discount ski lift ticket at King Soopers, City Market, or Safeway?

Do you need to find the cost of a discount ski lift ticket at King Soopers or other grocery store in Colorado?

I'm now offering that service through Fiverr.

Pick one ski resort and a one week window of continuous dates and I'll go to my local King Soopers grocery store and find out the prices during that week.

Holiday pricing in effect during that week? - I'll find out the prices. Prices will be for single day tickets.  Multi-day tickets are usually available for a further discount.

Need more than one resort ticket pricing?   Order more gigs. Just $5 for each resort/seven day set of dates.

I will NOT be able to tell you which King Soopers or City Market will be selling the lift tickets.  Not all locations sell them in the state of Colorado.

Not all ski resorts sell their lift tickets in King Soopers.  Most noteably - Vail, Beaver Creek, Telluride, Aspen, and Steamboat.

This gig is only for finding the prices for the exact dates you will need lift tickets.  I will NOT buy lift tickets for anyone.

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