Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Eldora Mountain Resort is now on the Rocky Mountain Super Pass Plus

by G. Kunkel

There's a new reason to buy a RMSP+ season pass.   One can get unlimited skiing, snowboarding, and skibiking at Eldora Mountain Resort.

Eldora joins Winter Park and Copper Mountain for unrestricted, unlimited days.  The pass also includes six unrestricted days at Steamboat and three days at Crested Butte.

The price of this pass is currently $509.  Expect this price to increase over the summer and then become unavailable for purchase sometime in November.  It has already had one price increase since March.

Eldora is only on the RMSP+ and not available on the RMSP.

For those living near Boulder, this is a great option.   Sometimes Eldora gets upslope snowstorms that miss all the other ski resorts.   One can also get away for a few hours in the day without braving the Interstate 70 traffic.

Eldora is just a 30 minute drive up Boulder Canyon.  They allow skiing, snowboarding, and skibikes.

They do enforce the use of leashes on snowboards and skibikes.  It's still a law on the books in Colorado.

A great writeup on this development was in the Boulder Daily Camera.

Eldora Mountain Resort is now Super Plus instead of Epic.

Purchase a pass at SkiColorado.com

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