Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Looking for Loveland Ski Area 4-pack?

by G. Kunkel

Loveland Ski Area offers 4 packs of discounted lift tickets every fall.  They aren't coupons, they are actual lift tickets.

They are sold for a limited time online and at Colorado area ski shows. The packs sold at the shows are generally $10 cheaper than online.

They usually go off-sale around mid-November.   They can not be picked up at the ski area.  No rush orders either.

If it is December, you missed the boat to buy Loveland 4 packs.   The tickets are transferable so if someone on Craigslist is feeling generous..... you could purchase them.  Not likely till April though.

Many other options are still available.   Loveland sells its lift tickets in a variety of outlets.  Go to their website and click on 'Discounted Lift Tickets' under the Tickets and Passes banner.

If you really want to buy these 4 Packs in the future, don't be such a lazy ass.  Buy them when they first go on sale in the fall.  Labor Day weekend is always a sure bet.

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