Tuesday, December 16, 2014

The 2014 2015 Epic Passes are no longer for sale

by G. Kunkel

As of 12/7/2014, all Epic Passes are no longer for sale for the season.  If you don't have one by now, you waited too late.

One can still buy an equivalent pass on Snow.com but the price is now $2450.00 instead of $729.00.  Check back in March for next season's passes to go on sale.  According the the Vail Resorts website, the Epic Passes were on sale from 3/4/14 to 12/7/14.   Plenty of time to buy one.

Most other season pass deals and 4 packs have ended as well.   If you waited to buy your lift tickets, you'll be paying a whole lot more now.

If you are a member of SIA, you'll get a second chance.  One must show their credentials at SIA to purchase a SIA Epic Pass.  No purchases for friends or family.  SIA is also closed to the public.

So if you have a pass, go out and enjoy the conditions.  They've been great so far.

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