Thursday, January 21, 2016

Steamboat Olympian Pass 2016 is still for sale

If you are looking for a lift ticket deal for Steamboat Ski Area right now, typically you've waited too late.  Lucky for you the Olympian Pass is still for sale.

Like all ski deals for Steamboat, this can only be purchased online at the Steamboat Ski Resort website or by calling Central Reservations.   Steamboat does not sell its lift tickets in grocery stores.

The Olympian Pass is a three day pass that is valid any three days 1/18/16 - 2/11/16.  None of the days need to be consecutive.  Take a break and hit the hot springs at Strawberry Park or go shopping downtown.

This ski deal must be purchased at leasst 48 hours before one plans to use it.  So, no last minute purchases allowed.

There is a limit of one pass per person.   Sorry, one cannot buy up a stock of these.

The pass is non-transferable.  That means if you can't use it, one cannot let someone else use it.   There are no refunds either.   Do not buy this pass if you plan on trying to resell it.

This is a picture pass so one will need to pick it up at the ticket office in Gondola Square to get your picture taken and get the pass printed out.

The pass is only $259 at the moment.   That's roughly $86/day for a lift ticket. Who says one cannot find a bargain for Steamboat.  

Buy online here or call Central Reservations at 1-877-783-2628

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