Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Free Winter Park Resort Coupons

by G. Kunkel

Winter Park Resort gives employees a few vouchers each ski season to its employees to give to friends and family.   I always have these left over at the end of the season and toss them in the recycle bin.

I have two types of coupons or vouchers to give away - for free.   I can't sell them or I get fired.  The tubing hill voucher has personal information on it so, I'm not posting a picture of them.

Winter Park Resort Tubing Hill Voucher

The first voucher allows one to buy a Tubing Hill ticket for $5.  The normal walk-up rate is $21-23/hour.  So that is a significant savings.   There are no blackout dates and are fully transferable.

The vouchers are free but do need you to pay for postage and the envelope. 

Order them at my Square Store so I can collect the postage and the mailing address you want it sent to.  I only have three of these left.  USA addresses only.


$20 Off Winter Park Ski + Ride School Lessons

The second coupon is for $20 off walk-up rates on Winter Park Ski + Ride School products.  It excludes First Tracks, Last Tracks, Add-on Private, and the 2 Hour Special.  It cannot be combined with any other discount.

It's valid for kids and adults lessons.

If one has a Winter Park season pass or picture pass product, you'll get a better discount using it rather than this coupon.

I have a ton of these.  Just tell me how many you need.  They are fully transferable with no blackout dates.

Order them at my Square Store.  The $1 covers postage, envelope, and credit card processing fee.  USA addresses only.

Coupons for Winter Park are becoming harder and harder to find.   Mainly because the resort is offering significantly fewer the past few seasons.   They don't offer gas station BOGO anymore.  There is the occasional I Ski with KBCO deal.

If one wants a discount lift ticket to Winter Park,  the cheapest option is to buy a pass product during the North American summer.   Otherwise, its the grocery store, Lifttopia, or GetSkiTickets.  There are some independent outlets along I-70 as well.

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