Wednesday, September 7, 2016

SNIAGRAB is dead

by G. Kunkel

With the bankruptcy of Sports Authority came the death of SNIAGRAB in 2016.  No more 'Bargains Spelled Backwards'.   So, if you were looking to score cheap season passes there this past Labor Day Weekend - you lose.

There were plenty of discounted ski passes for sale but one had to travel to the south metro area to score them at Ski Rex, or Snow Daze near Southwest Plaza.

The really big bonuses are gone now but discounted season passes and lift tickets can still be had online or at area events.   There is a Epic Pass sales desk set up in Boulder Ski Deals.   Just walk up and get your pass.

Almost every resort is selling a discount product right now.   Buy now and you'll get it.   Wait till November and one probably will not get a great discount or at all.

Colorado Ski Country USA is selling 5th Grade Passports and are generally meant for Colorado students. The application is available online.   They cannot be picked up or rush shipped.

Vail Resorts has the Epic Schoolkids Pass for either Colorado or Utah.  One must register in-person and child must be present to purchase this pass.   This pass is meant for resident Colorado or Utah schoolchildren attending local schools.  The deadline to apply is October 9th, 2016.

Happy hunting for your favorite ski pass.

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