Monday, January 9, 2017

Few King Soopers discount lift ticket deals left in 2017

by G. Kunkel

There are very few lift ticket discounts left at King Soopers this season.  And do not expect the old ones to return.   Market forces are changing.

The only tickets sales left are:
  • Copper Mountain
  • Monarch
  • Ski Cooper 
  • Loveland
  • Arapahoe Basin
  • one or two other small mountains
There are no discount tickets this season at Colorado grocery stores for:
  • Breckenridge
  • Keystone
  • Eldora
  • Winter Park
 Vail Resorts which owns Breckenridge and Keystone is moving away from selling its tickets anywhere but on its website and at special sales events.  One will pay a heavy price for not planning ahead this season.

Eldora was sold to a new owner last summer.  They are free to do whatever marketing and selling strategy they want to.  Who knows if they will sell anything in Costco this season.

Winter Park.....I do not know.  Pretty sure Intrawest is trying to widen their profit margin.  One can still find deals but just not at King Soopers.   I did notice they are still doing weekday 'I Ski with KBCO'. is also slim pickings for some of the old-stand-bys.  So, good-bye good gas station deals.

Buying a GEMS card will probably be a good thing this year. Buy one at Colorado Ski Country USA for $25.

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