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I'm an AASI Certified Snowboard Instructor and resort-certified skibike instructor at a major Front Range Colorado ski resort.  After more than eleven seasons of working at two ski resorts and traveling to most ski resorts around Colorado,  I'm fairly knowledgeable about them and their ski deals.  I'm also active on a number of ski and snowboarding forums.

As a freelance writer, many of my articles have appeared on Gadling.com, Yahoo! Sports, AOL Travel, Paw Nation, Zonder.com, Yahoo! Voices, and Helium.com.

Instructors at all ski resorts in the USA are essentially working for tips. They only get paid when they are actually teaching - which may be 5 hours/day max. After teaching a class of 12 people all day they may have earned $40. In the case of beginners that can be hard physical grueling work.

Most instructors at ski resorts are part-time.  Many have a two hour one-way drive just to get to work.  $40 does not cover gas money, equipment expenses, professional dues, and mandatory continuing education expenses.  Myself and other employees often have to sleep in our cars at night as there is no money for lodging.  Part-timers do not receive employee housing benefits or health benefits.

If you received a lesson where you had fun and learned something, reward the instructor for all their efforts. Tip them. That includes your kids instructor too.


HondoHawk said...

How do I get a gold card for discount ski lessons to Winter Park for my son in Feb 2013?

colorado skibike goes skibiking said...

The Gold Cards have changed this season. See my post on 12/16/12. There are other options. While season passholders always get a discount on lessons, in December 2012 they get a $35 discount. I don't know if this will apply in February. New discounts are always appearing and disappearing at Winter Park Resort. I'll post what I find out.

colorado skibike goes skibiking said...

Oops. I forgot about the $35 off kids lessons in the E Book. See http://daysailer1.com/2012/12/10/the-2012-2013-e-book-denver-front-range-is-available-at-king-soopers/