Colorado Grocery Store Lift Tickets

Not every Colorado ski resort sells discounted lift tickets in Colorado grocery stores.  I know.  I live in Colorado and work at a major ski resort.  

If a website states one can buy one day discount lift tickets to destination ski resorts like Aspen, Vail, or Telluride in a Colorado grocery store - they are clueless.

Lift tickets offers do change - I try to give the most current information here.  I can always call or pedal down to the local King Soopers or Safeway for an update.
Updated Feb 6, 2017

Vail - Buy a 3-Day ticket for Breckenridge or Keystone and one day can be used at Vail.  No Vail-only tickets sold in grocery stores.  No Costco sales.     Only available at

Beaver Creek
- No Beaver Creek-only tickets sold in grocery stores.  No Costco sales.    Only available at

Steamboat - No grocery store sales or Costco sales.

Telluride - No grocery store sales or Costco sales.

Aspen/Snowmass - No grocery store sales or Costco sales.

Winter Park Resort - Grocery store sales.  No Costco.

Copper Mountain - Grocery store sales. No Costco.

Breckenridge - Grocery store sales.  No Costco.  Only available at

Keystone - Grocery store sales. No Costco.  Only available at

A-Basin - Grocery store sales.  Costco sales.

Loveland - Grocery store sales. No Costco.

Eldora Mountain Resort - Grocery store sales.  Costco sales possibly. 

Monarch - Grocery store sales.  Costco sales online.

Crested Butte - Safeway grocery store sales(??in2017). Costco sales in Superior, CO, Thornton,CO.

Durango Mountain Resort - Grocery store sales.  Costco sales in select locations.

Ski Cooper - Grocery store sales. No Costco.

Ski Granby Ranch - Grocery store sales. No Costco.

Sunlight Mountain Resort - Grocery store sales. No Costco.

Powderhorn - Grocery store sales.  No Costco


Amy Miller said...

Any discounted tickets for 2012 season at Crested Butte?? I don't see it listed here.

Thanks. Coming from Chicago but used to live in Boulder where we could get lift tickets cheap.

Colorado Enigma said...

You can still get them at Safeway grocery stores.

TexasBen said...

how much savings could I expect for discounts or coupons for lift tickets to breckenridge if I went the entertainment book, Gold C books, or grocery store route?

Babalax said...

Crested Butte 2 days $89.99 sold at Costco in Superior 11/24/13

shyde said...

I have tried the City Market, Albertson's and the closest Safeway to Durango and none of them are selling lift tickets this year. Would you have any other suggestions? Thanks so much for the information!

G. Kunkel said...

Wow, and King Soopers aka City Market just published an ad in this past Sunday's Denver Post that they did.

They will probably start selling them in various Costco's very soon. I know a saw somebody's at the Superior, CO location about two weeks ago. Monarch Mountain is still selling their season pass and it has 3 blackout free days at Durango. It has many other free days to other CO ski resorts on it too.

Megan said...

FYI - I just bought a 3-pack to Eldora at Costco in Thornton for $134.99. No blackout dates, non-transferable (must be used by same person.) I think they also had the Monarch 3-pack.

Christopher Gray said...

Any updates on Vail passes? I'm skiing there on 1/24 and looking for a discounted ticket. Can't believe how expensive it has gotten!

G. Kunkel said...

There's nothing really to update for Vail. Vail Resorts, Inc. does not sell discount tickets to Vail other than on its website - period. You'll need to buy an Epic product to get a price break and those sales stopped at the end of November. To get any discount now one needs to buy lift tickets on the Vail website about 10 days in advance or a package through your lodging. Prices are guaranteed to be the lowest on the Vail website. If you want lower ticket prices go to Vail's less expensive ski resorts like Keystone or Breckenridge. Buy a 2014/15 Epic Pass in April. Of course military, Ski Patrol, Instructors, and Travel Agents can get at the ticket window.

Kara said...

We are skiing Copper next week. What would the lift ticket prices be at Soopers or Safeway in Denver? Thanks for the blog!

G. Kunkel said...

Lift ticket prices fluctuate throughout the season. You'll have to call them to get the exact price for that day(s). They have to charge the price the ski resort tells them to sell them at. If it is a holiday, the price will be more.

Just remember to tip your instructor if you take a lesson. So many people don't realize it is a tipped profession. We really do need the money to pay for gas, food, lodging.

Ruben Valentin said...

anyone know if Costco superior is selling Eldora lift tickets now? if so how much? Thanks

Adventures in Arusha said...

how much are discounted Breck tix?

G. Kunkel said...

You can order the lift ticket price finding service at